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Within the realm of visual media and narrative-based work, a composer’s job is always to help facilitate the writer's or director's vision. The composition must work in harmony with the narrative or the tone, attune to the filmmakers’ needs. Shayne & Jesse have a keen sensitivity to storytelling that is necessary in order for the relationship between music and narrative to be truly harmonious.

Douglas (2012) - dir. by Brandon Vedder

Music by Jesse Wright & Dane Johnson

The Portrait (2012) - dir. by David Goddard

Music by Shayne Plunkett

Shayne & Jesse have participated in both of Spitfire Audio's composer competitions and Orchestral Tools' Discovery competition . See our entries below!

Inquire directly with us about rates for film and video game scores, as well as orchestration, arranging, and license-free library music!

Thriller and Horror

Breaking Point -- (Thriller / Horror)
Beware the Ancient Spirit -- (Action / Thriller)

Action and Heroism

Temple of Thieves -- (Action / Epic)
Captain Zoltan's Theme -- (Action / Hero)
Call to the Cavalry -- (Action / Epic)

Fantasy and Otherworldly

Fire in the Sand -- (Action / Fantasy)
The Hidden City -- (Fantasy / Epic)
Int'l Space Station -- (Sci-Fi / Documentary)

Romance and Hope

True Love's Kiss -- (Romantic / Period Piece)
At First Sight -- (Romantic / Heartwarming)

Drama and Suspense

A Loss for Words -- (Drama / Melancholy)
Ransom Note -- (Suspense / Drama)

Comedy and Joy

Wacky TV Show Theme -- (Quirky / Sitcom)
Small Town Christmas -- (Holiday / Rom Com)

*FOR SALE!* - Reach out to us!

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We understand that the function or role that audio plays in the overall experience is crucial but also requires great flexibility. Shayne & Jesse offer their experience and constructive direction to use music to help tell the story, no matter the context or medium.

Rates for custom music for podcasts and content creators are negotiable

depending on your project.


Talk to us and let us know how we can help realize your vision!

Rates starting at...

Podcast Theme - $300 per track

Incidental Music - $75 per minute of music

Production, Sound Design, & Mixing - $50 per hour 

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Shayne & Jesse have plenty of experience working with many different genres of music including pop, rock, R’n’B, hip-hop, and jazz. They know the delicate nature of putting together dense instrumental and vocal arrangements, as well as the value of simplicity. They know the in’s and out’s of sound design to get a pristine modern sound, handling live instruments for a warm organic sound, and anything in between. Meadow Vista Media offers full production, mixing, mastering, composition, and sound design, operating out of their studio located in northern California.

Pop and Hip Hop

Funk and Jazz

Rates for music artists seeking production and/or songwriting services are negotiable depending on your project.

Talk to us and let us know how we can help

bring your music to life!

Rock, Alternative, and Progressive

Rates starting at...

Full Songwriting and Production

$1,500 per song

Performance and Backing Tracks

$250 per song

Recording, Engineering, Mixing & Mastering Services

$70 per hour 

Shayne is one of the guitarists and vocalists           

for NY-based progressive rock band

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Video Game Music Covers

Shayne & Jesse are available for commissions                                           

and collaborations with other artists and content creators    

We are particularly fond of teaming up with musicians from the video game music scene.

If you would like to collaborate on your next video game cover, please feel free to reach out!

Radiant Garden -- from the Kingdom Hearts series

Progressive rock / jazz fusion cover (ft. David Russell)

arr. by Shayne Plunkett 

mixed & mastered by Jesse Wright

As heard on the Ansem Report Podcast!

Vector to the Heavens -Brazilian version-

(from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) - arr. by Kinode

feat. Shayne Plunkett on Guitar & Bass

Chrono Trigger Main Theme - arr. by Time King

feat. Shayne Plunkett on Rhythm Guitar

The Little Chef (from Kingdom Hearts III) - arr. by David Russell

feat. Shayne Plunkett on Guitar

Rowdy Rumble (from Kingdom Hearts II) - arr. by David Russell

feat. Shayne Plunkett on Guitar

A Very Small Beat - by RegularPat

Music by David Russell

Produced by Shayne Plunkett & Jesse Wright

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