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is the partnership between

Shayne Plunkett and Jesse Wrighttwo long-time friends and collaborators with a passion for creating unique, emotive music. The two musicians, located in the foothills of Northern California, work closely together as fellow producers, composers, songwriters, audio engineers, and music enthusiasts.

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Jesse has made a career as an accomplished audio engineer, composer, and sound design professional in the Sacramento area, and as the guitarist and founding member of Sacramento hardcore band Before You Fall. Over the years, he has built and supported a strong regional reputation for excellence in audio engineering and mixing, recording many projects in rock, pop, hip hop, and electronic styles.


Jesse’s specialties include audio mixing, music production, songwriting and sound design.

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Shayne is one of the guitarists and founding members of New York-based progressive rock band Time King. Once an alumni of Berklee College of Music where he studied film scoring, he helped form Time King and eventually made roots in New York as a producer and performing artist. During this time, he fostered a love for film and video game music as well as composing for classical orchestra ensembles.


Shayne’s specialties include music composition, production, songwriting, orchestration, and music theory.


Over the past decade, both musicians have spent time performing, writing, and studying the music of countless different genres and their applications. Shayne & Jesse, while on their separate paths, would often oversee the production of all aspects of the projects they were on; from the smallest of details in the harmony or melody, to the overarching direction of an entire record’s cohesiveness. Details such as the narrative backdrop of a visual or audio drama, the era of music intended to invoke within a song’s production, or how to help prop up others creatively in the writers room when collaborating; these two guys have experienced and juggled a bit of everything in order to realize their artistic visions.



Shayne & Jesse now collaborate as a team to write music in the service of other artists and their work.


Here are a list of some of the services that MEADOW VISTA MEDIA provides:

  • Music Production & Songwriting for the Following Genres:​



Hip Hop






  • Film Scoring

  • Video Game Music

  • Podcast Themes & Podcast Music

  • Audio Recording Services

  • Audio Mixing & Mastering Services

  • Session Performance for: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

  • Drum Programming & Editing

  • Full Orchestration

  • Arranging for Jazz Combos & Horns

  • Arranging for Chamber Ensembles (Strings, Trios, etc.)

  • Notation Copying or Editing

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  • Facebook
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